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Camel Ride through Wadi Rum Desert

  • Jordan is a country in the Middle East, which is bordered by Israel, the West Bank, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
  • In Jordan the national language is Arabic, although most Jordanians speak English.
  • The population of Jordan consists of Sunni Muslims, Greek and Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Protestants and Shia Muslims.
  • The majority ethnic groups in Jordan consist of Circassians, Armenians and Arabs.
  • Amman is the capital of Jordan.


  • Jordan became independent from the British administration in 1946.
  • Jordan was ruled for most of it’s history by King Hussein.
  • King Hussein permitted political liberalization, and signed a formal peace treaty with Israel.
  • Following King Hussein’s death in 1999 his eldest son – King Abdullah II and Princess Muna assumed the throne.
  • In 2000, Jordan acceded to the World Trade Organization and signed free trade agreements with the United States. In 2001 Jordan signed free trade agreements with the European Free Trade Association as well.
  • Jordan is one of the most liberal and modern nations in the region.


    The Seven Pillars of Wisdom Rock

    • It is said that the Ain Ghazal site had its first inhabitants over 9,000 years ago.
    • Jordan is a member of the Arab League, which was established in 1945.
    • The ancient kingdoms in the Jordan region were Ammon, Edom and Moab.
    • People believe that Moses is buried on Mount Nebo.
    • Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan. It consists of rice with chunks of stewed lamb and jameed (a yogurt sauce).

Avg. Costs

Amman, Jordan

  • If you choose to eat what the locals eat, your budget should only be 71 girsh ($1USD).
  • A chicken sandwich with coke will cost you around 75 girsh.
  • You can buy two falafel sandwiches for 25 girsh with a pop ( Fanta, Sprite and Coke are the most common) for an additional 25.
  • For average accommodations you will need roughly 15 JOD per day.
  • Above average and better accommodations will cost you approx. 20 JOD per day.

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Columns in Jerash

  • Every part of Jordan is safe except at the Iraqi border.
  • In rural parts of Jordan the fellahin (village people) are very considerate and will be happy to help you out.
  • In religious and historical sites you should wear conservative clothing.
  • Keep in mind that public displays of affection are not usually accepted by Jordan’s Muslim nation.
  • It is illegal to commit adultery in Jordan, including consensual sex between unmarried couples and is punished by a maximum of 3 years in jail.

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Dead Sea

  • In the winter (January – February) the weather is warm around the area of Aqaba and in the Jordan Valley. In the Eastern Desert, the winter weather can be fiercely cold.
  • In the summer (June – August) the weather is extremely hot. In the Eastern Desert, the summer weather can be dry and extremely hot.
  • Between November and March there is usually rain fall.
  • Between May and September it is advised to wear lightweight clothing.
  • Warm winter clothes are necessary for winter weather and layering would be best for cool summer nights.

Places to See



  • One of the great wonders of the Middle Eastern world is a city that was carved into solid rock
  • The ruined capital of Nabatean Arabs, the city runs 1.2 miles (2 km) long
  • It has many sites to see, including the el Khazneh (The Treasury) monument, a giant tomb carved out of rock

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Desert Wadi Rum

  • A silent, beautiful and timeless place
  • One of Jordan’s main tourist attractions, laying 320 km southwest of Amman, 120 km south of Petra and 68 km north of Aqaba, it is one of the world’s most beautiful desert landscapes

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The Dead Sea

  • Where it is really possible to float on top of the water. It contains more minerals and salt than any other body of water in the world.
  • Laying 400m (1320 ft) below sea level it is shrinking at an incredible rate.


Communication Etiquette:
• Greetings are normally a handshake
– Handshakes tend to linger
– Women will greet each other the same way
• They tend to be very direct no matter what the discussion is about
• They will like to know about your background
• Compliments will be an important part to developing a relationship
• Age and seniority is important
– Direct eye contact is given when an elder or someone of seniority is speaking
– Less formal situations direct eye contact is not needed

Business Etiquette:
• Arrive on time for meetings
– Brief small talk – allow them to make the agenda of the meeting
• Business dress is conservative in Jordan
– Men – Suits and ties in conservative colors – dark colors
– Women – Conservative and stylish
– Avoid overly expensive accessories
• It is important to treat business cards with respect
– Exchange them during the initial greeting

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